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Incorporating A Visual Brand Language

Zebra QLn420 Mobile Printer

Looking to unite their product lines and establish a consistent portfolio appeal, Zebra came to Beyond Design for design direction on an existing mobile printing product that incorporates the visual brand language (VBL) our team previously developed for Zebra.

A facelift on an existing mobile printing product that implements Zebra’s newly established VBL.

Incorporating the New Design Language

Zebra is a global company that delivers innovative and reliable on-demand printing solutions to businesses and governments. With this new mobile printer, it was imperative that we implemented the new visual brand language our team previously developed for Zebra. The more products introduced under these guidelines, the stronger and more recognizable the brand will become.

Implementing the new design language in the QLn420™ creates a more appealing and high-quality design through a well thought-out CMF strategy, character lines, logo positioning, and interface icons. For the mobile product line, the interface icons and nomenclature are oriented to the user while all branding is oriented to the audience. A robust gold was used to identify key touch points, such as opening the print head, moving the media guides, and opening the peel mechanism.


Ensuring It Can Withstand Mobile Use

In addition to the design language, the printer had to be robust enough to withstand mobile usage in a variety of physical environments and conditions. Rubber sides were added to make the printer even more durable than past Zebra mobile printers. The keypad and button areas are surfaced below where the rubber is located to protect it from damage. To ensure the product’s durability, we conducted a drop test from twelve feet onto a concrete surface on all sides.

Holes were incorporated to allow a hand strap or shoulder strap to be attached and make it easy for the user to carry the printer around. There is also a belt clip for unobtrusive and convenient printing.

Features and Functionality

The new Zebra QLn420™ is ideal for manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and retail applications. It is quick and easy to integrate into your existing network and printer environment using Zebra’s strategic partnership with Motorola Solutions, and there are no changes to software or network infrastructure needed.

It has a larger, sharper, easy-to-navigate display, as well as fast and high-quality printing capabilities. It can print 4” labels and incorporates an intuitive peeler operation that separates the sticker from the backing. The final QLn420™ printer design helps boost the operation’s productivity and the small footprint makes it easier to carry and store.


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