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Staying Warm with Cortana

January 5, 2018

You may recognize Cortana as the lesser known step sister of Alexa and Siri, the virtual assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10. But Cortana is ready to step out from the shadows of her counterparts this winter. She’ll be infused with GLAS products creating more intuitive and easy to use thermostats. Our client, Johnson Controls, partnered with Microsoft to create the GLAS (“innovative thermostat that reimagines how spaces are perceived and controlled”) product with Cortana capabilities.

Johnson Control’s beautiful and translucent thermostat was released last year and they have now taken the device a step further by including the smart assistant. Their competition includes the Nest and Ecobee (both of which are in our office and we used for research purposes) with their prices falling slightly lower than the GLAS. To compare, the GLAS will be $319 when it’s released this spring, the Ecobee/Alexa is currently $250 (sale prices drop it even lower though).

“Developing GLAS really allowed our team to think outside of the box, understand consumers and create a customer-back design that is both beautiful in form and also very functional.” – Don Albinger, Vice President and General Manager, building automation systems, Johnson Controls.

You’ll be able to ask Cortana to tell you the temptureter, forecasts, raise or lower the heat, etc. with the Windows 10 Iot GLAS operating system. You can preorder your shiny new thermostat at Johnson Controls website here. For more information on our client and our work with them please visit our work page or drop us a note with any questions. Stay warm!

Images and video courtesy of The Verge.

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