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MassVR Recruits BD Research

November 14, 2017

Over the summer Beyond Design worked on an interesting project focusing on researching end users within a virtual reality immersion experience. Think VR gaming combined with laser tag. Our client put players into any virtual environment where they can walk and run. The gear consists of a backpack and armor and allows users to play against other gamers in real time.

Our work identified the overall value of the experience, revenue and potential markets, targeted users, both pros and cons to the game, as well as pain points. Through stakeholder interviews and recruiting gamers, we dove into the research and VR world.  The 600 square foot gaming “arena” welcomed users that are video game players, those in gaming leagues, and participants who need training (i.e. police and firefighter training).

Beyond Design conducts interviews with gamers post play.

With help from video production company, Clum Creative, we were able to take all of our research and give our client an informative and high energy marketing video for the VR experience. Take a look at the great work Clum Creative did below!

Click here!

For more information on Beyond’s research capabilities or Clum Creative’s video production please visit our websites.

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