The Boring Company Wants to Start Tunneling        

Elon Musk Wants His Boring Company to Bring His Teslas Underground

August 4, 2017

Tesla founder and billionaire, Elon Musk’s, next venture is taking his (electric) cars underground in an elaborate and innovative tunnel system. Originally introduced in April at his TED Talk, Musk wants to rid the roads of traffic by developing tunnels and shuttles for cars that will transport them from point A to point B at 130 miles per hour. The cars would still use the road normally but when needing a quick boost to their next destination they are gently lowered underground – think a hybrid between an elevator and personal parking spot – where they are zipped off through an intricate passage.

A still from the concept video shows a car gently descending underground.

The accompanying video gives an eye opening visual at this massive “pet” project (originally started from a tweet) that Musk wants to see come to life. This vision is backed by The Boring Company, founded by Musk and entirely focused on finding a solution to “soul-destroying traffic.” A spokesperson from The Boring Company stated this week that they “plan to build low-cost, fast-to-dig tunnels that will house new high-speed transportation systems. Most will be standard pressurized tunnels with electric skates going 125+ mph. For long-distance routes in straight lines, such as NY to DC, it will make sense to use pressurized pods in a depressurized tunnel to allow speeds up to approximately 600+ mph (original report from Wired).” By incorporating smart computer technology and evolving infrastructure, The Boring Company hopes to radically change city traffic and how efficiently we can travel.

The tunnel obsession doesn’t stop there. Musk allegedly is now planning to take a more hands on approach and build the Hyperloop with his own company and not rely on outside consultants. Hyperloop is the trademarked concept from Musk that take cargo and/or people and transports then in a tube system at the speed of sound. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) was quickly founded after this concept was introduced in 2013. They are a (very well off) startup of 500 engineers that work for stock options as opposed to salary. Musk hopes this massive team will push his underground tunnels and Hyperloop closer to it’s conception.

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