tiny elephent banner Reviving Mixed and Virtual Reality Read More          

Magic Leap Creating Flawless Mixed Reality

Top Startup Creating MR Headwear.
Siri Banner Alexa Soon to Surpass Siri Read More          

Amazon’s Alexa Competing with Siri

Virtual Assistants face off in iOS.
ows logo owl banner OWS Create Safe Place to Communicate Read More          

OWS Securing Public Communications

Encryption software protecting privacy .
online shopping BG Department Stores Falling to Competition Read More          

Department Store Decrease

Department stores and their losing battle.
vapor fly ft Pushing Marathon Records and Limits Read More          

Breaking2 Propelling Runners

Nike Launches Zoom VaporFly Elite.
white lexux banner pic B Beyond Attends Chicago Auto Show Read More          

Beyond Design Attends 2017 Chicago Auto Show

What we saw at this year's Chicago Auto Show.
drone banner image Cardboard Drones Read More          

Cardboard Drones

Otherlab developing drones that will come and go quickly and quietly.
eye tracker device1020 Eye Tracking Advancements Read More          

Eye Tracking Technology

From video games to driving a car, eye tracking technology is on the rise.
saummer skyblog 2016 Fall/Winter Internship at Beyond Read More          

A Look at Gargi’s 2016 Internship with Beyond

2016 intern, Gargi Deoghare, shows us a glimpse of her time at Beyond.
Healthcare-Technology1 steth 1020 Innovative Healthcare Read More          

Healthcare Advancements Continuing to Evolve

From robots to LED disinfectants, healthcare technology solutions are on the rise.
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